The Dr. Malik Project: Following the Money

First, we offer our sincere thanks to all of you who have answered the call and donated to this project. Our objective is simple: we must get the truth about Dr. Malik’s case before the public.

Full Story is entering the final stages of pre-production, the point in the process where we begin designing the film series and assembling a list of people we will ask to appear in the film.

The first steps in this production will be a little complex because of the nature of the content. We are focusing on showing how large amounts of cash were redirected and stolen from Dr. Malik’s businesses. In addition, we are laying out the process to best show and explain the complex and extensive network of shell companies that were established to conceal embezzled funds from Dr. Malik.

To that point, the Full Story Foundation believes Dr. Malik was the victim of an embezzlement scheme resulting in personal and corporate losses in the millions of dollars. The extensive forensic accounting that was performed in this case fully supports this fact – however, the very nature of complex embezzlement schemes makes following the flow of funds incredibly difficult. Based on the trial transcripts, we feel it would have been nearly impossible for the jury to fully grasp this critical aspect of the case.

Once this first part of the story is fully explained, it will be difficult for any intellectually honest individual to believe Dr. Malik was the master-mind of anything criminal. We maintain that Dr. Malik was the target of a major theft within his organization, perpetrated by the very ones he trusted.